Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety - nine percent perspiration
... Thomas Alva Edison

Doctors & health care providers need offline tools to simplify their routine tasks at clinics, labs & in general practice. Tools and solutions can be general tools like calculating BMI of a patient to highly customized database driven applications for handling data in large health care institutions. D4DOCTOR is equipped with resources to program, design, implement & maintain such tools & solutions.

For any industry, websites are ubiquitous. Coming to the portals for health care, D4DOCTOR understands the clients and their consumers. Having a wide experience of designing, developing, hosting and maintaining huge target oriented secure portals like, etc., we can promise quality, up keep time & reliability in everything related to websites for health care. We can provide customized solutions to individual clients as well as big corporate & health care institutions.

We can mass mail quality content according to client specifications. D4DOCTOR specializes in providing journal contents to esteemed clients at an affordable cost. We have a choice of solutions to transmit the information you want to, on time & with in your budget.

Mobile phones have become extensions of our limbs. Ring tones are never away from our ears. SMS concept best explains the idiom "Early bird catches the worm". Let your consumer know it as it happens. Our cost effective SMS solutions can deliver the goods with in your budget. Use this facility to transmit breaking news, updates etc.

Developing software & solutions for PC has been happening. But PDAs and ultra modern mobile PDA's cum phones are finding their place in aprons, front pockets & dash boards. This is more appropriate for those in health care industry. D4DOCTOR is equipped with these technologies. Be the first to harness this power through D4DOCTOR.

MedMatterz with its team of D4DOCTOR has proven expertise in information technologies and can provide unique platform for pharmaceutical companies to effectively communicate with physicians. In response to the demand, D4DOCTOR started working towards the novel concept of e-marketing where pharmaceutical companies can have a personalized and most sophisticated way of marketing solutions. Interactive e-detailing is a proven way of promotion in advanced countries. D4DOCTOR takes this challenging concept to new heights by adding its innovation and thought. e-Detailing is a unique marketing strategy that delivers a targeted promotion to a targeted physician audience with the goal of interaction, and enhancing representative relation with physician.


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