Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual
...Arthur Koestler
This is a new concept adopted by medmatterz to cater to the online needs of healthcare industry & those interested in health. We aim to make many quality oriented health related portals with our well recognized stamp.

Whenever you find this stamp on any health related site, it means that this site is developed by Medmatterz under the concept of 'Free On The Web'. The stamp also confirms the status of the portal i.e. the portal & its contents are absolutely free to explore for the intended audiences.
We begin this mission with two wonderful sites. The first amongst them is D4Doctor, the online Rx for doctors.

The other site being developed is SAKHI. Sakhi is meant for women. It is being developed right now & will be ready to explore by mid june
We have many more such projects in the pipeline. With the kind of support we are receiving from our online users, we are very much sure that all these projects will get completed even before the deadlines & appear online to propagate the concept of 'Free On The Web' to new heights.
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